The Facilities’ team is responsible for the facility and venue maintenance, as well as the setup and striking for everything for the Department of Event and Venue Management. We are responsible for daily tasks like blowing leaves, changing light-bulbs and batteries, and setting up and tearing down for any of our many events on any of our three campuses: Fifth Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw State University- Kennesaw, and Kennesaw State University- Marietta.

The Facilities’ team is responsible for the following facilities: Fifth Third Bank Stadium & Recreational Fields, House 53, Event Center at Marietta, The KSU Center. We are also responsible for some event setup and teardown for events in the KSU Convocation Center, the Campus Green, the KSU Student Center, and the KSU Recreational Center.

Patricia Nwabude

Facilities Lead

Joined Night Owl: Fall 2017

Major: Human Services

Favorite Part about Night Owl: Apart from the countless amount of hours, my favorite part about Night Owl would have to be the loving environment. Night Owl is my first and best job. The people that I work with are very caring and strive to make our work environment as fun and close knit as possible. As someone that lives very far from family, it is nice to know that there are people that care for me even if they are the people in charge.

About me: I was born in Staten Island, New York, moved to Nigeria when I was 5 and moved back to the US when I was 10; I have lived in Georgia ever since. Since moving to Georgia, I have lived in Snellville, Ga located in Gwinnett County. I decided to apply to Kennesaw because it is a close enough drive to home, and I was initially drawn to its outstanding Nursing Program. I first heard about Night Owl Productions while searching for an on-campus job and they had volunteer opportunities during a football game. I remember ushering my first game and knowing that my skills would better suit the Operations department. I enjoy setting up for events and seeing the crowd, our patrons, and our fellow owls happy at the final product. Although we mainly work backstage, our work is undeniably important and the satisfaction we receive when the job is complete is unsurpassed.

Evan Clayton

Facilities Lead Assistant

Joined Night Owl:

Major: Sports Management

Favorite Part about Night Owl:

About me:

Stephan Kernizan

Marietta Facilities Lead Assistant

Joined Night Owl: Summer 2018

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Part about Night Owl: What I really appreciate about this job, that I can’t imagine you’d easily find anywhere else, is the fact that you can pick up skills for a little bit of everything. The Night owl departments are diverse enough to where you can learn fundamental skills and abilities that you can carry with you long after you leave the workplace. 

About me: I was born in Staten Island, New York, however, I predominantly raised right here in Georgia. I was always one for finding out how something worked rather than just accepting things at face value. This thinking is what lead me to Mechanical Engineering coming out of high school. What initially drew me to Kennesaw was the overall high praise I was given of its engineering departments. Looking for work during school hours, I stumbled upon Night Owl Productions. Much of what the Facilities department does was already something I was accustomed to all throughout my life. Combined with a supportive faculty, meeting new people and clients, and getting the satisfaction of having others enjoy an event due to your, my decision to stay at Night Owl is not one I foresee my self regretting.