About Us

Mission Statement

Night Owl is a student run organization that strives to maximize student opportunity to gain hands-on experience in venue and event management, create a fun, professional work environment that facilitates memorable events, provide a student voice to administration related to major events and venue management, and provide support to cultivate ideas that benefit our students, community, and our campus. Night Owl is a student-led organization dedicated to managing all events at Kennesaw State University across both campuses and Fifth Third Bank Stadium.


  • Established September 2012 as a student entrepreneurial workforce, serving the Kennesaw State community
  • Currently employs 300+ students with various roles including but not limited too leads, assistant leads, part-time, and event staff
  • Offers hands on training and jobs for student employees in sales, marketing, audio production, visual production, operations, event planning, staffing, recruitment, logistics, retention, and guest experience.
  • Allows students to have a larger impact throughout Kennesaw State and the Department of Event and Venue Management
  • Provides leadership opportunities for students to gain experience with staff supervision, event logistics, management and leadership development.
  • Gives students the opportunity to build relationships with industry leaders and peers with similar interests and goals.

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