Event Audio & Visual

Provide audio, video, and lighting support for events at Kennesaw State University. Work directly with clients, performers, and producers to prepare the technical aspects of every event. Prepare scripts for internal Kennesaw State events such as commencement. Compile graphics and videos for playback on video displays, and play them back on event day. Provide in-house support for broadcasters and to assist in routing their camera feeds, clean feed, dirty feed, etc. Install and operate temporary or portable sound, video, communication, and lighting systems for events. Run in-house production positions such as Sound Engineer, Computer Graphics, Switcher, and Lighting.

Matthew Ivey

Event Audio & Visual Lead

Joined Night Owl: August 2019

Major: English

Favorite Part about Night Owl: Getting to work with my friends.

About me: Enjoys watching college football, alternative music, and learning new languages

Phillip Knight

Event Audio & Visual Lead Assistant (Stadium)

Joined Night Owl: August 2018

Major: Nursing

Favorite Part About Night Owl: I love being able to work in the background of events and seeing how much work goes into coordinating and running the events. I also enjoy learning how to operate new machines and technology to run production.

About Me: I am from Statesboro Georgia, and I came to Kennesaw for a Nursing Degree. I love sports, technology, and have recently picked up photography and videography. I was looking for a job when I found out about Night Owl. I was quickly hired on to the Event AV team due to my previous experience in production working for a company in Savannah.

Alex Jang

Event Audio & Visual Lead Assistant (Marietta)

Joined Night Owl: Spring 2019

Major: Mechatronics Engineering

Favorite Part About Night Owl: The community. The community and the job hours are what make this job very worthwhile. They work with your school hours, and it allows you to take hours off if you are busy based on external circumstances.

About Me: I was born in California, but grew up in Georgia. I like to just nerd out and read.

Ethan Mitcham

Event Audio & Visual Lead Assistant (Kennesaw)

Joined Night Owl: January 2019

Major: Environmental Science

Favorite Part About Me: The events I’ve gotten to work have given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people and be a part of a great team. 

About Me: I study environmental science; check out my research on phytoremediation of lead polluted soils. I’ve been pushing faders since I was old enough to see over the soundboard, and music-related events are my passion. Outside of work I am an avid climate activist, doing my part to save this big green rock we call Home, and in the fall I will put my experience to use working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.